Asante by Cerulean
Your purchase of Asante wine by Cerulean directly funds essential health, education, and wildlife projects in East Africa.
Maasai Culture
Support the Maasai in protecting the cultural and ecological treasures that exist upon the land they own.
Asante by Cerulean
Your purchase supports the Maasai’s stewardship efforts.
Each purchase of Asante by Cerulean contributes to essential health, education, and wildlife projects in East Africa through the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. The organization’s conservation, education, health, ecotourism, and livelihood programs serve the community, the wilderness, and the wildlife that are so important to us all.
  • 3 bottle purchase buys a curriculum textbook for a child, or provides one prenatal visit for an expectant mother
  • 9 bottle purchase administers a cervical cancer screening kit, or affords a pair of boots for a game scout ranger
  • 1 case purchase covers a teacher's salary for a week
  • 10 case purchase pays a doctor's salary for a week
Your purchases have direct impact.
Asante Wine Bottles




List Price
Asante by Cerulean Rosé Wine (750ml Bottle)
Asante by Cerulean White Wine (750ml Bottle)
Asante by Cerulean Red Wine (750ml Bottle)
Asante by Cerulean Mixed Case (4 - 750ml Bottles of each)

The Maasai Wilderness Trust (MWCT) funds and operates programs in East Africa that work to protect wilderness and wildlife, promoting sustainable economic benefits to the local Maasai community through their active participation. In partnership with MWCT, Cerulean has bottled a special release to support the organization and the people it empowers, donating all profit from each Asante purchase.

Cerulean partner Jeff Miller founded the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Fund to support the Trust’s cutting-edge model of successful community-based conservation. It makes a crucial impact on the Maasai communities and landscapes of Kenya’s Chyulu Hills — home to wildlife migration corridors, habitat reserves, and natural resources that affect more than seven million people in Kenya. All profit from the sale of Asante by Cerulean wines goes directly to the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust efforts.